Monday, July 2, 2012

July Currently (Rave)

I am so excited about my very first Currently. I have seen them on other blogs and absolutely love them! Drum roll please..............

Read alouds are great and I love reading to my Oopma Loompas (aka my students.) One of my favorites to read is "Sideways Stories from Wayside Schoo" by Louis Sachar. He is tremendously funny, and the kids get a kick out all the craziness that takes place. It is a great book for teaching characterization because every chapter is about a different character with his or her own set of unique qualities.

As far as teaching resources go I have been nose in book with Common Core. My District is in the process of switching to common Core, and I am in the process of going insane. Common Core aside, I really like Joe Phenix's "Talking, Writing, and Thinking about Books." It a nice resource when you are wanting to add multidisciplinary approach to the Reading Process (doesn't that sound fancy!) Best part is each activity is on one page, so if you use interactive notebooks, which I am planning on starting this year, it offers a variety of options. If you click on the book it will take you to the site where you can have a nice preview of the contents.



  1. Hi,
    I was sent over by Farley because you're the comment before mine! I'm also your newest follower. I'll have to check out your books! :)


  2. Hey there! Cute blog and you're off to a good start. I tried to follow you, but couldn't see where to do it. . . I'll try again in a little bit and see if it magically appears! I love all of your thoughts, we are on the same wavelength!

    I also LOVE Sideways Stories From Wayside School. . . way too funny!
    Stop over at my blog and see if there is something in my freebies that you could use.
    Second In Line

    1. Thank you very much. I will be stopping by today!

  3. Olivia I replied on my blog but you most likely won't get it, so here's the comment.

    Olivia it's funny you should mention that. I know there's an upper grade blog read on the Daily 5/CAFE going on. It started yesterday actually! Go here I hope this helps!

  4. Good book choices! And I second the ice cream. :)

    Live, Laugh, Love, Teach

  5. Hi Olivia I am doing exactly what you are doing sleeping in every day and staying up late every night! Isn't summer great?! I am already on my way to your link for Jo Phenix's book - thanks for sharing.

    1. I love summer just for that reason! Enjoy your time off.

  6. Hey Olivia- thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. We DO have a lot in common!This will be my very first year in 5th grade so I will probably be picking your brain for ideas! I noticed you teach reading and do I and Social Studies as well. I would love to have our classes collaborate on a project (maybe a book/author study). I also have a classroom blog...HERE. I am in the process of creating one for my 5th grade class to use this upcoming school year. Our school requires us to use WordPress and on their server so my options for cuteness and creativity are limited...but as soon as I get it up and running I will send you the link.
    Do you have a page on Facebook? I created one for my blog and have gotten lots of traffic that way (and followers). I also joined a group on FB called Top Teachers. There are tons of bloggers on there. If you are interested, go back to my blog, look for the Facebook button (pink circle with a "f", that will take you to my page on FB. "Like" it and I will find you and add you to the Top Teacher group.
    Thanks again for stopping by-

    Tales from a 4th (and 5th) Grade Teacher

    1. Patti your class blog looks great. I let my students take over, so they blog about interests and happenings. This year I want to try and make the posts more centered on topics we are covering. We'll see how that goes. Looking forward to collaborating with you!